Philadelphia Charge add 15 players to their original allocated 5 in WUSA combine draft

On Monday Philadelphia added to its roster by selecting midfielder Kalli Kamholz from the University of North Carolina, goalkeeper Carly Smolak from Stanford University, midfielder Jennifer Tietjen from the University of Connecticut, forward Erin Martin from Stanford University, forward Beth Keller from Clemson University, midfielder Laurie Schwoy from the University of North Carolina and midfielder Laurie Hill from Cal Santa Barbara.

Veteran Chinese National Team midfielder Liu Ailing was chosen on Sunday by Philadelphia along with defender Heather Mitts from the University of Florida, defender Jenny Benson from the University of Nebraska, forward Ruth Van’t Land-Parkes from Cal Poly Pomona, forward Sarah Yohe from the University of Florida, midfielder Raven McDonald from the University of North Carolina, midfielder Rebekah McDowell from the University of North Carolina and midfielder Michelle Demko from the University of Maryland.

Philadelphia Charge Head Coach Mark Krikorian

“We feel very good about our picks and are looking forward to working with these very talented young ladies. We satisfied all the positions we were looking for. It will be a very quick and athletic team, and pretty technical as well. The players we chose are all very versatile too, with the ability to play a variety ofpositions.”

Philadelphia Charge Draft Picks

Round 1 Liu Ailing M China

2 Heather Mitts D Florida

3 Jenny Benson D Nebraska

4 Ruth Van’t Land-Parkes F Cal Poly Pomona

5 Sarah Yohe F Florida

6 Raven McDonald M North Carolina

7 Rebekah McDowell M North Carolina

8 Michelle Demko M Maryland

9 Kalli Kamholz M North Carolina

10 Carly Smolak G Stanford

11 Jennifer Tietjen M Connecticut

12 Erin Martin F Stanford

13 Beth Keller F Clemson

14 Laurie Schwoy M North Carolina

15 Laurie Hill M UC Santa Barbara

The Charge draft picks join Philadelphia’s three previously allocatedplayers – midfielder Lorrie Fair, goalkeeper Saskia Webber (Rutgers University) and forward Mandy Clemens – as well as English forward Kelly Smith (Seton Hall University) and German defender Doris Fitschen, who were selected in the league’s Foreign Player Allocation Draft.