Mitts Caught Red-handed by Radnor Fire Co.

VILLANOVA, PA (September 18, 2002) – Philadelphia Charge defender Heather Mitts was caught red-handed by the Radnor Fire Company on Wednesday – so to speak. Mitts had her handprints taken in red paint for a Radnor Fire Company fundraiser that will benefit fire prevention.

Mitts’ handprints will be part of a silent auction during Radnor Fire Company’s Fire Prevention Show on Friday, October 11 from 6-9 pm. Fire prevention week is in October and the Radnor Fire Company conducts fire education activities for the community throughout the year.

On hand from the Radnor Fire Company was First Assistant Chief and Director of Fire Education George Fielden. Fielden painted Mitts’ hands in red paint for the handprint. Then, after washing her hands, Mitts autographed the prints, which were on specialized paper that has her name and number on it. There is also a space for Mitts’ picture, which was taken while she was making the handprint.

“I enjoy doing things like this,” Mitts said. “This was fun and different. I am just glad I can help the local fire company raise the funds they need for fire education.”

For information on the fundraiser call the Radnor Fire Company at 610-687-9344 x16. The Radnor Fire Company is located on 121 South Wayne Ave. in Wayne.

The Charge is a member of the eight-team Women’s United Soccer Association. The Charge is active throughout the Delaware Valley year round, taking part in various fundraisers and hosting a number of free soccer clinics for area clubs