Foxy Philadelphia Charge defender Heather Mitts tackles all comers as the WUSA’s sexiest soccer player

One glance at Heather Mitts, and it’s obvious why they call soccer “the beautiful game.” But as a starting defender for the league-leading Philadelphia Charge of the WUSA, Heather is clearly more than just a pretty face. Not only does Heather shut down opposing forwards, she mixes it up in the attacking end to help put the ball in the net. Not that we’re saying there’s a connection, but since’s poll came out and Heather shot to the top, she’s notched her first two assists of the season.

I was really surprised,” Heather told when informed she ran away from the competition in the poll. “I didn’t really pay attention to it, as it is kind of weird to be in a poll like this. Definitely new territory for me.” With 46 percent of the votes, Heather outpaced the runner-up, Charge teammate Rakel Karvelsson (good tickets are still available for those of you who live near Philly!). Atlanta Beat defender Nancy Augustyniak, Washington Freedom forward Mia Hamm and Charge midfielder Lorrie Fair rounded out the top five. “Lorrie Fair should have won this poll!” our modest winner told “She’s beautiful!”

As for the controversy that the poll engendered in some corners regarding women athletes as sex symbols, Heather said, “All I can say is I’m an athlete and a woman, and I think it’s fine to be both athletic and feminine at the same time. That is a positive message for young girls growing up.”

Of course, we’d love to see Heather — or any of the gorgeous women in our sexiest soccer player poll — posing sans uniform for Playboy. Asked if she would consider posing, Heather said, “I haven’t really thought about it. No one has officially asked me to do it, but it would be highly unlikely!” Consider this our official request.