Chat Reel: Heather Mitts (May 6, 2003)

WUSAHost: Welcome Heather and welcome fans to tonight’s live chat.
WUSAHost: Joining us for this week’s chat is Heather Mitts, from the Philadelphia Charge and the U.S. Women’s National Team.

WUSAHost: After playing in an intense game this past weekend, the Charge will take on the Washington Freedom this Saturday May 10th.

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WUSAHost: so, let’s begin….

WUSAHost: Heather, What is something not many people know about you?

Heather: I’m very close with my family.

WUSAHost: Heather, Who was your role model growing up?

Heather: Honestly, I never had a real role model growing up.

Heather: So that is why I think the WUSA is a great opportunity to be role models.

WUSAHost: Cory from Allison Park, PA was curious about how you keep in shape during the off-season?

Heather: Well, this off season I hired a trainer.

Heather: I worked out 3 times per week and it involved a very strenuous weight lifting program with running as well.

Heather: On top of that I am very disciplined. I try to run 6 times per week.

WUSAHost: Justin wonders, “What your favorite thing about being a WUSA star?”

Heather: Being able to do something I absolutely love day in and day out and to be considered my job.

WUSAHost: Heather, What is favorite stadium to play at in the WUSA? also your least favorite?

Heather: Obviously, I’m going to have to go with the homestand and say Philly.

Heather: My least favorite, let’s see…I would have to say NY.

WUSAHost: Heather, What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Heather: All of them..just kidding.

Heather: Black raspberry chip from Graeters.

WUSAHost: Charleen noticed your tattoo when you were in a magazine and asks, “Is it real?”

Heather: Yes, unfortunately.

Heather: Something silly I did in high school.

WUSAHost: Crystal wants know what your favorite song in right now?

Heather: Hmmm, Wonderland, Jason Maraz and Remedy

WUSAHost: What would you be doing right now if your weren’t playing professional soccer?

Heather: I would go back to school and get my masters in sports broadcasting.

Heather: Hopefully being doing something in TV.

WUSAHost: Who on your team are you the closest with?

Heather: For the most part the whole team is pretty close.

Heather: I would say the closest would be Jenny Benson and Lorrie Fair.

Heather: They were my roommates last year.

WUSAHost: What is your personal goal for the year?

Heather: I just made a list the other day…I don’t have just one.

Heather: Hopefully to make the All-Star team, help lead my team to be on top, and to be a leader for my team.

WUSAHost: Kevin from King of Prussia, PA asks: What is you most embarrassing soccer moment?

Heather: Sigh…that’s a tough one.

Heather: I think I would have to say, in college when I was running down the field with the ball no where near me and I just bit it.

WUSAHost: What do you think the Charge’s defense needs to do to get back to being the top defense in the WUSA?

Heather: I think that a lot of it has to do with the fact that we are getting adjusted to a new system.

Heather: It will come together in the near future.

WUSAHost: What do you do in your spare time?

Heather: I try to stay busy.

Heather: I run a lot of errands, starting to be more involved in charity, and I hang out a lot with my boyfriend.

WUSAHost: What is your favorite food?

Heather: What isn’t?!

Heather: I honestly think I like just about everything.

WUSAHost: What is your best soccer memory to date?

Heather: I would have to say it’s a toss up between winning the ’98 National Championships and my first ever WUSA game.

WUSAHost: Carla, age 10, from Glassboro, NJ asks: Heather, what other Sports did you play when you were a kid?

Heather: I played tennis very competitively.

Heather: Basketball, squash, softball, swimming…what else do I remember?

Heather: ..and soccer.

WUSAHost: Do you think Pia leaving had a major impact on your team?

Heather: We definitely miss her.

Heather: But we think our new assistant coaches are amazing as well.

Heather: But it is definitely weird to play against her.

WUSAHost: Mario would like to know your personal reaction on where you think the World Cup would be played this fall?

WUSAHost: He would also asks, “what do you think of your chances of being on the US squad for this World Cup, especially if it is played here in the United States?

Heather: Well, it sounds like it will either be here or in Australia.

Heather: I think my chances are pretty slim. I know I’m on the bubble, but stranger things have happened.

Heather: I’m just keeping my fingers crossed.

WUSAHost: Christina, from Ramsey, NJ asks, “What spurred you to make your own website?”

Heather: I didn’t make it…a fan approached me about it.

Heather: I had no idea that I would be involved in any way.

Heather: But I think it’s a great idea to be interactive with the fans!

Heather: Ok, one more since I have to get going…

WUSAHost: Heather, Why do you wear the number 13?

Heather: When I was younger I won $50 on the number 13 at a carnival.

Heather: I just because my lucky number.

Heather: I had it all the way up to my college career and now I have it again.

Heather: Thanks for all the questions!

Heather: Hopefully I’ll see many of you at the game.

Heather: And thanks for your support!

WUSAHost: Thank you Heather for taking time to answer some of your fans questions.

WUSAHost: Thank you fans for joining us on tonight’s chat. Don’t forget to follow Heather Mitts in action on Saturday – live on PAX TV @ 4pm ET / 1pm PT!